For a long time, the use of the Magnetic stripe card had been a culture in the USA. However with the ever increasing cases of credit card fraudulent cases, credit card issuers and most American banks advocated for the adoption of the New EMV technology that stands at a better ground in identity crimes. This being a new technology shifts in the U.S.A, some merchant services providers are convincing merchants that, for some security considerations, all the EMV purchases must come directly from one’s credit processing company.

The main reason why you should not get worried when bargaining for EMV chip-card reader is that the terminals have a very effective inbuilt anti-tampering features. Therefore, the chances bargaining for a counterfeit machines or a programmed terminal is very minimal. The anti-tampering features ensure that the machines are rendered useless and non-operational if any ones try to reprogram them. However don’t use this as a justification for the legitimacy of the EMV card readers. There are possibilities that some fraud/fake terminal might get to the market programmed to steal funds from the merchants or the customers. Why am I arguing from this perspective? This is simply because the current shift in computer technology is proving that nothing is impossible. With the reduced chances of fraudulent transactions when using the EMV chip-card technology, there is the likelihood of the alternative ways of stealing from the credit card. Who knows! Identity criminal has to survive. Therefore, you should take precaution when doing your EMV terminal bargain. Always confirm that you are dealing with a reputable and licensed seller, just as you would do when bargaining for any sensitive electronics products.

Do you need NFC to have your EMV-Compliant Credit Card Machine?

The best clear and brief answer for this is a “No.”  NFC (Near Field Communication) is the technology behind Apple Pay as well as other digital wallets to conduct contactless payments. It is very crucial for fast-paced business as it adoption has increased among consumers. However, most businesses don’t have any use for it even in their foreseeable future. So, if your businesses don’t have any use for it, there is no point of your bargaining it from the merchant services provider who convinces the clients to opt for the NFC EMV terminals. This might be for their financial benefits since the NFC EMV terminals are considerably more expensive than the standard EMV terminals. Mind your business expenditures and opt for the most pocket-friendly deal if you are convinced that you are purchasing from a genuine. Don’t be worried by the increased preference of the contactless transaction; you always use a separate NFC reader rather replacing your existing EMV terminal.

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